Bharat Nirman Yojana – A branded programme launched by the Government of India

Bharat Nirman Yojana

Bharat Nirman Yojana is an Indian business plan for creating and augmenting basic rural infrastructure. It comprises projects on irrigation, roads, housings, water supply, electrification and telecommunication connectivity. Bharat Nirman program launched by the Government of India in 2005.

Objectives of Bharat Nirman

Bharat Nirman is a business plan for rural infrastructure which was implemented by the Government of India to implement some necessary facilities to the rural India. The Primary goals of the Bharat Nirman project are as followings:

  • It aims at providing safe drinking water to all the underdeveloped areas in India by 2012.
  • It also seeks to improve housing facilities for the poor. Initially, the scheme targeted 60 lakh additional houses to be constructed for the poor within the year 2009, but now the plan has been extended to 2014 and the targeted house to be built been increased to 1.2 crores.
  • This plan also includes to cover 40% of the rural area with telecommunication facilities by the year 2014 and provide broadband coverage to all the 2.5 lakh Panchayats by the year 2012.
  • The plans suggest all-weather roads by the year 2012 connect all the villages of India having a minimum population of 500.
  • The project mainly aims to provide electricity to every village by the year 2012.
  • The plan seeks to provide an additional one crore hectare of irrigational land by the year 2012.

Sub Divisions of Bharat Nirman Yojana

Bharat Nirman has been sub-divided into six parts. The Government of India will try to improve the infrastructural facilities of these six sections individually which will result in the overall development of the infrastructural facilities of the country.

  • Waters
  • Roads
  • Housing
  • Telephone
  • Electricity
  • Irrigation
Bharat Nirman Yojana   A branded programme launched by the Government of India

The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, started building a group of Bharat Nirman Volunteers (BNVs) under the Lab to Land Initiative in 2010- 2011 and intends to train and develop about 40 lakh persons as BNVs to bring greater efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of rural development programs. The BNVs will create awareness for better transparency and accountability in the implementation of the Government’s program by disseminating information and help in speeding up the delivery of public services in the rural areas.

The primary role of these BNVs is:

  • To communicate with the rural people.
  • To encourage them to get involved in developmental processes.
  • To help the rural people in getting the benefits of the flagship program.
  • To bridge the gap between welfare scheme and actual implementation.
  • To act as a monitoring group.
  • To help promote Livelihood Generating Activities (LGAs).
  • To coordinate between the Government Agencies and people in general.

For more clear details check the below Pdf link: 

Bharat Nirman Scheme Pdf