Free Fire Suspended Account Recovery 2022 | Request online form

Free Fire suspended account recovery or unban id all details are available here, players could be able to request for Facebook, google, tweeter account or Vk account also,

Free fire banned account list 2022 is uploaded here. Gamers who wish to unban their account of Garena free max uid. For those gamers here we provide some tips & tricks… this year, Garena has Free fire banned thousand of accounts for using third-party applications or hacking, utilizing the third-party GFX application, cleaner, changing game data files, or hacks Garena ban their uid permanently,

Why did Garena suspend the account?

To maintain a fair gaming environment for all players, here are some of the actions one may get banned for:

1. Modifying model files to gain unfair advantages

2. Using unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game clients.

3. Using non-official programs to provide an edge to gameplay.

4. .Bypassing Free Fire anti-hack system via illicit local data transfer.

5. Utilizing glitches or bugs to exploit the gaming experience.

6. Being reported by multiple players and detected for abnormal gameplay simultaneously.

7. Using modified or unauthorized game clients.

We also would like to remind all Survivors not to team up with hackers.

Applying modification to game file and utilizing modified data files, or third-party application tools to do any kind of hacking game then your game uid will be blocked or suspended from garena

Free Fire’d unban Kaise Kare 2022

If Garena officials have banned your free fire id then you can contact Garen officials through the official website and can describe your issue and then the game moderator will review your account and then your account could be restored or active again if you do not do kind of activities against Garena policies. and could be able to get or free fire id ko unban Kar sakte ho.

How to recover Free Fire suspended Account

To recover the suspended account you have to follow the following step

  1. First, you have to login in free-fire game and click on the FreeFrire top help icon
  2. After clicking you have to redirect to the web browser and you can paste
  3. After opening the website you have to open you have to submit details about the game id game name and other details about your Uid the banned and how to submit
  4. If Garena has do not found do not find any kind of cheat or hacking

You can also submit details about our survey form