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General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Questions and Answers had given here. Here we are giving the Latest Updates of all News Information of 2022 General Knowledge Quiz also Provided here. Candidates can practice the Day to Day General Knowledge Questions and Answers Quiz which had given below. All the Daily Latest Current Affairs  Updates have been given here. The Applicants of Latest Government Jobs will be first of all Tested in the Current General Knowledge Questions. Candidates who are Preparing for the Competitive Examinations must Know the Daily Happenings of Current Affairs Updates of 2022 General Knowledge Questions.

Here we are Giving the Daily GK Questions 2022 Current Affairs from our website Regularly.  The  2022 General Knowledge Questions Quiz had given below. Aspirants can also Get the Today 2022 General Knowledge Questions & Answers and Practice Latest Current Quiz Daily. Practice the 2022 General Knowledge Questions and Answers. Get the 2022 General Knowledge Questions, and Answers from here. Get Day to Day News Updates of National and International Current Affairs Updates Regularly from our Site. 2022 General Knowledge Questions and Answers Quiz had given here. Practice Day to Day 2022 General Knowledge Questions Quiz. Get Regular News Updates of Oct 02nd, 2018 General Knowledge Questions.

2022 General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Here we are giving the October 2022 General Knowledge Questions and Answers and also 2022 Current Affairs Updates Regularly from this Page. Practice Daily 2022 General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers Quiz. Get the 2022 General Knowledge Questions Quiz and Latest Current Affairs General Knowledge Questions. Practice Day to Day 2022 Current Affairs.

Get the 2022 GK Questions and Answers and Day to Day Current Affairs Quiz. Practice the Latest Current Affairs General Knowledge Quiz and Practice the Today GK Questions and Answers. all the News Updates of National and International Countries had given here. Candidates can check our website for Day to Day News Updates of Daily General Knowledge Questions and Answers and Current Affairs Updates regularly from here.

2022 General Knowledge Questions

Q.1 What is the estimated cost for the 200 helicopters that India has planned to buy from Russia under the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA)?

  1.  $1 billion
  2. $5 billion
  3. $10 billion
  4. $100 billion

Q.2 Which of the Chinese manufacturer developed FTC-2000G, China’s indigenously built new multi-role combat aircraft?

  1. China Aviation Industry
  2. Aviation Industry Corp of China
  3. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China
  4. .China’s Civil Aviation Authorities

Q.3 Based on which criteria did the scientist of Lucknow’s CSIR-National Botanical Research and experts from several institutes place 59 Indian plant species under threat status?

  1. United Nations Environment Programme
  2. United Nations Environment Programme
  3. International Union for Conservation of Nature
  4. Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

Q.4 What type of fighter jets will India be gifting to Russia?

  1. MiG-21
  2. MiG-23
  3. MiG-25
  4. .MiG-29

Q.5 Which state India’s first Corn Festival Started?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Kerala
  4. Bihar

Q.6 Which country Defeats Bangladesh To Win 7th Asia Cup Title?

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Indonesia

Q.7 Which company combines with Indian Railways for Rail Heritage Digitisation Project’ recently?

  1. .Google
  2. Samsung
  3. Apple
  4. Verizon

Q.8 Who inaugurated Modern Food Processing Facilities And Pipeline Projects In Gujarat ?

  1. Shri Narendra Modi
  2. Shri Suresh Raina
  3. Vijay Kumar
  4. Shri Dinesh Raj

Q.9 Who won Asian Junior Squash Title?

  1. Yuvraj Wadhwani
  2. Naresh Karthick
  3. Vignesh Kumar
  4. Shekar Rajan

Q.10 Who is Appointed India’s Next Ambassador To China?

  1. Vikram Misri
  2. Suresh Kumar
  3. Naresh Singh
  4. Dinesh Karthik